Hello folks and welcome to this likely ill-fated endeavor.


It is my belief that the world is becoming increasingly divided and ill informed on the other “sides” beliefs. We stick with our own sell-affirming news sources and social media. Stepping outside of your own ideological pastures is often difficult and time consuming.

The issue of echo chambers and misinformation is of critical importance if we hope to tackle the many pressing issues humanity is faced with: global warming, demographic upheaval, displacement due to automation, wealth inequality etc. Understanding is required to bring us together. While I can’t fix this problem I can at least try. Therefore I have launched ini0n.com with the sole purpose to increase understanding and promote intellectual discourse.


How does this work?


The elevator pitch is as follows: ini0n.com will post editorial opinion pieces from a wide variety of ideological sources who have to disclose their biases in the article; additionally ini0n.com will create a database of “hot topics” and the various sides/ideologies opinions on the issue.


We need you!


To do this we need you! Do you have a strong opinion on an issue? Why don’t you write something about it and send it in. It’s like writing a longer Reddit comment! We’ll let you plug your social media, charity, favorite YouTube video etc. at the end as well.

We also need you to participate in this 5 minute survey on the first Counterpoint issue: Free Trade. We’re looking to categorize as many people and ideologies as possible so please feel free to share around.




Q: “Wow this makes me literally quiver in excitement how can I help even more?”

A:   Well a few things would help a brother out:

  1. Bookmark the site and visit weekly. We want to get up to one article a day but at minimum one a week.
  2. Take part in discussions on site and on the subs the articles are posted too.
  3. Post the articles that interest you to the relevant subs. I’m not a Reddit expert I don’t know where everything should go. Help me out.
  4. Tweet/contact relevant e-celebs to get some exposure. This is partly inspired by Sargon’s debate site idea so I feel at least he owes me a shoutout. Blood debt buddy.
  5. Subscribe to the subreddit where I’ll link all the articles:
  6. Follow my social media: (probably won’t use much but good to have)
  7. Contribute, contribute, contribute.


Q: “What’s the scope of the content that will make it to this bastion of intellectual discourse?”

A: Well everything from pop culture to politics. The discussion is what’s important. Although I imagine it will end up being mostly politics.


Q: “I don’t quite get this “Counterpoint” database thing you keep raving about?”

A: My dream is for it to become a comprehensive Wikipedia-esque system that allows users to easily search a topic (e.g. Free Trade) and see what each side (for and against) as well as the ideologies (Libertarian, Neo-Liberal, Progressive) believe. This will be kept as non-biased as possible through surveys and interviews collecting data from the subscribers of each ideology. Data analysis will be applied to the collected data to search for interesting findings (hopefully) and summarize the various factions stances. As the database grows the connections should be more and more interesting.  Information will also be gained by seeking out the editorials and discussion put forth by the different sides on other platforms. It’s hard to explain you’ll see when we finish the first one just do the survey: (link).


Q: “Will you end up being as biased as all the other news sites?”

A: Well hopefully not. Obviously nobody sets out to be the bad guy. Some content will be posted by me and people I know, however, most of our content will be submitted by the users. So it won’t be like we have staff who exclusively post and put forward the office worldview. I’m actively trying to get people from all walks, even ones I strongly disagree with, to post because I think it fosters interesting dialogue. Unlike *cough* every other news site we won’t be banning/censoring comments so feel free to debate/correct the articles.


Q: “What is something you dream of achieving with this site?”

A: I’d love to get two disagreeing prominent figures in a particular issues to both write a piece explaining their side on that topic e.g. Sargon of Akkad and Steve Shives on hate speech laws or whatever. They would write their articles around a pre-agreed set of questions. They would also be afforded an opportunity to put a certain number of questions to their opponent.


Q: “Why the name ini0n?”

A: Well all the good domains were taken so I figured I’d just use my username which is short for “opinion” anyway. There was already a “inion.com” so I changed the “o” to “0” which’ll probably confuse everyone.


Q: “Are you doing this to get rich you bourgeoisie scum/how will you financially maintain the site?”

A: This is likely going to be a money sink. Already spent over $100 dollarydoos on it. I don’t have any advertising as it was wrecking my aesthetic. I’ll probably put some on maybe just on the articles or a single header. Not looking to go clickhole route. Otherwise if there’s enough interest I’d consider doing a Patreon. I have a PayPal as well which could be a way. Keep your money until you see if this thing is working out though.

I’d like to get to the point where server costs are maintained as well as having enough money to pay every successful submitter like $50-$200. Maybe I could do a monthly raffle until then. Feel free to give me input on this.



So there you have it. I hope you participate because I think this has a lot of promise to tackle echo-chambers and I’ve spent a lot of time setting it up. We’ll be releasing our first article in a few days which I hope you read and support. Please do the survey because the more people we get the better analysis we can do. Please give me any feedback you have on what I have done so far.

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Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder sound respectable, to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind. - George Orwell


  1. Wow, this website is a great find. I will look further in to contributing content as time allows.

    If you want to try to lightly monetize, wall off a separate section for affiliate links, that you hand pick. This way it’s unobtrusive and let’s people support you by buying something they might have bought anyway.


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