Friday, November 22, 2019

We are ini0n, which short for opinion.

We live in a world which is increasingly divided and misinformed of what opposing ideology/political groups believe. This is in part due to the echo chamber effect new and social media have on us.

ini0n helps tackle this by posting a different viewpoints on topics from a variety of editors who have to disclose their personal biases. The community then can discuss and debate. Furthermore, we have a “Counterpoint” hub which is essentially a database of what different ideologies believe and think on certain hot topics. This information is collected from surveys, interviews and research.

The team here at ini0n are from various communications backgrounds. The work sent in that is chosen to be featured is edited by us to ensure quality. Sources are verified. However, we don’t touch the theme of the piece. If anything is particularly egregious we will include an editors note.

Anybody can submit to ini0n. We encourage people to write about their personal area of expertise. Submit here.